After visiting the beautiful town of Krakow,I spent 2 days fishing on Dunajec river,near the Pieninski National Park area. I was accompanied by my wife,and togheter we were guided by Mr.Wojciech Lopatka, a very kind and warm person, who took care of us this entire period.

My wife does not practice fishing, so Mr. Lopatka managed to keep her interest alive by offering some nice excursions in the region
and also rafting on Dunajec.This mountanous region offered us beautiful images,I can say familiar ,because I myself was born and grow up in the southern part of the Carpathian Mountains.We discovered here,in this part of Poland, great resemblances with our home, this making us happy to be a part of one beautiful region, Central Europe.We want to thank the guide for being so carefull and warm with us,and we can tell for sure we`ll come again on Dunajec!