Dunajec - Offer „Hotel”

Our offer is aimed after all to fly-fishers and spinning wheel fishers.

Our principle is: “our guests only fish and rest and we care for them”.

Aside from fishing we want to show you one of the most beautiful regions of Europe, it’s culture and architecture. We want you to get to know local folklore and taste traditional peasant’s foods. We believe that all of it can enrich the quality of your holidays. At the end of your stay we want to offer you a night stay and two meals in a hotel in Krakow.

That gives you a chance to see one of the most beautiful old towns in Europe. www.krakow4u.pl

1. The program of your stay:

We want to offer you seven days event, Saturday to Saturday. It is up to you by what means of transport you arrive in Krakow, which should be on Saturday. We will meet you there and take you 100km south, to the River Dunajec, where we offer you a supper. On Sunday we start our fishing programme, also rafting trip, visiting a castle, supper accompanied by the traditional folklore music Than all details of the programme will be discussed with you, since we would like to find out about your preferences. On Friday afternoon we will take you to Krakow, where we have a hotel reservations for the night, supper on Friday night and breakfast on Saturday morning. Our official programme ends on Friday evening in the hotel, where we see each other the list time.

2. The price includes:

• Transport from Cracow to the Dunajec River and also during every day of your stay.
• Comfortable accommodation.
• Food during the whole stay (three meals a day, after supper polish vodka).
• Permit to fish all kind of fish in the rivers: Dunajec, Bialka Tatrzanska, Czarny Dunajec, Bialy Dunajec.
• Fishing with the aid of the professional guide.
• Supper consisting of the regional foods, folklore music.
• Rafting trip on the Dunajec River Canyon.
• Visiting the “Nidzica” castle.
• Night stay, supper and breakfast in Cracow.
• Insurance during your stay.
• Assistance in purchasing fishing equipment in Cracow.
• Optional: fishing lessons.

3. Our Hotel:

4. Dates

Dates in 2023

1. 01-07 April
2. 08-14 April
3. 15-21 April
4. 22-28 April
5. 29 04-05 Mai
6. 06-12 Mai
7. 13-19 Mai
8. 20-26 Mai
9. 27 05-02 Juni
10. 03-09 Juni
11. 10-16 Juni
12. 17-23 Juni
13. 24-30 Juni
14. 01-07 Juli
15. 08-14 Juli
16. 15-21 Juli
17. 12-18 August
18. 19-25 August
19. 26 08-01 September
20. 02-08 September
21. 09-15 September
22. 16-22 September
23. 23-29 September
24. 30 09-06 Oktober
25. 07-13 Oktober
26. 14-20 Oktober
27. 21-27 Oktober
28. 28 10-03 November
29. 04-10 November
30. 11-17 November
31. 18-24 November
32. 25 11-01 Dezember

5. Our car

6. Maps


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