Raba - River

IMG_0843The Raba River has its sources at the Sieniawa Mountain Pass, at about 750 m above sea level. It is supplied with numerous mountain streams flowing from the nearby Beskid Mountains. It flows into the Vistula River, as its right tributary, near Uście Solne, after 134.7 km. The average annual flow of the Raba catchment comes to 4.26 m³/s. The catchment is dominated by agricultural lands, whereas forests occupy about 43% of the area.

The Raba from its source to Myślenice is a typical mountain river with a rock-covered bed with a dense network of tributaries with large drops and narrow valleys. Below Dobczyce Lake (The dam in Dobczyce) the river does not lose its mountain features, swiftly meandering on gravelly ground. There are confluences of rivers wide about 5 m and deep up to 2 m. Moreover, the flood plains are about 15 m in width here. The riverbed is often strewn with gravelly-stony bottom and bushless backwater that facilitates the fly fishing. This is where the 11 km section c & r fishery was created between the towns Gdów and Dobczyce. Only fly fishermen can fish here who use barbless fishing hooks and knotless landing nets.

All the fly fishing methods can be done here throughout the year. However, the best time for fly fishing is between April and November. During this time, numerous insects develop which provokes fish to feed. On this section of the Raba River we can find numerous brown trout (up to 60 cm), rainbow trout (up to 60 cm) and grayling (up to 45 cm). Noteworthy is the large population of common minnow and chub which provide food for trout. The streamer and the dry fly are often effective. I recommend here rods in class 3 -5, and the streamer in 6 – 7. On the section c & r the river is very wild, washed-out banks and fallen trees give charm and create great places for fish. The Raba flows far from civilization among trees and wicker, creating a habitat of numerous singing birds that make fishing more pleasant. I recommend this section for anglers looking for a cozy, quiet and close to nature fishing experience. The fishing ground here is very comfortable and safe, it is ideal for children and people who are reluctant to fish in a strong stream.

Dates in 2023

1. 01-07 April
2. 08-14 April
3. 15-21 April
4. 22-28 April
5. 29 04-05 Mai
6. 06-12 Mai
7. 13-19 Mai
8. 20-26 Mai
9. 27 05-02 Juni
10. 03-09 Juni
11. 10-16 Juni
12. 17-23 Juni
13. 24-30 Juni
14. 01-07 Juli
15. 08-14 Juli
16. 15-21 Juli
17. 12-18 August
18. 19-25 August
19. 26 08-01 September
20. 02-08 September
21. 09-15 September
22. 16-22 September
23. 23-29 September
24. 30 09-06 Oktober
25. 07-13 Oktober
26. 14-20 Oktober
27. 21-27 Oktober
28. 28 10-03 November
29. 04-10 November
30. 11-17 November
31. 18-24 November
32. 25 11-01 Dezember

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