Fishing tourism in Poland is becoming an interesting and very attractive form of spending free time. Organized trips to our country are very popular among foreigners who willingly spend their fishing holidays with us. Our offer is addressed mainly to fly and spinning anglers coming from Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Russia, i.e. speaking German or Russian. We organise for you holidays and guided fishing tours. We are sure that your angling adventure with us will remain in your memory forever so that you will want to repeat it in the future. On request you will visit Krakow with us, and our destination will be the currents of the Dunajec River, the San River and the Raba River.

Group fishing tours

We offer you group fishing trips for avid fans of fly fishing and spinning. Our offer is addressed to small groups of no more than four people so as the guide could exercise the utmost care in touring. Our tours are perfectly prepared, the guide taking care of anglers is also an interpreter. We guarantee that you will not be bored, all the attractions that the guide has chosen will allow you to rest and relax. Additionally, the fishing rivery will allow you to catch a lot of fascinating fish species. Some people wonder how much it costs to go fishing, we assure that our prices are very competitive.